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Have real estate agents gone mad?

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Its an odd thing to consider but part of being a real estate agent in this day and age also must include being a writer. I remember the days in college and in high school when I could write for hours. Now between appointments, research for clients, maintaining a website, syndicating listings, and etc I cannot find much time to put thoughts down about my market. Did I mention being a mom, wife, maid,  and dog referee (all titleI am VERY proud of). I don't want to sound at all like I am complaining about being busy but I am  neglecting my blogging time which is now an essential part of our business PERIOD. The reasons why are simple BUT does your client understand why???


WHY IS BLOGGING ESSENTIAL- Simply put blogging about your market, your career, and your services is ESSENTIAL for many reasons.  Most  of use are trying to get content for SEO which really is a great thing and TRUE CONTENT is KING when it comes to love from Google.  Spending your money buying links to pig farms is  not going to help   You willl not get ahead in this business and in my opinion looks quite unprofessional.  The so called "Black Hat" tactics to get ahead in the SEO game will eventually become an issue with the robot that you are trying to trick. True content that you can achieve via blogging about your market is not only a rewarding way to get knowledge out about our field and the areas we working, but it serves as a legitimate reason for Google to give you a boost.  Again we are talking  about a robot, all be it a robot that comes out with new tricky algorithms to tease us all in the SEO game.

My husband is a computer security professional and I wonder why he cannot just do this so called "Black hat" magic that some of my competitors pay thousands of dollars for  months and its quite simple. He can but its not the right business plan and you will wind up losing clients who don't  understand and in the very near future you will not be considered a credible source for search  engines. One day, and that day is now in my opinion content will be the only relevant thing that search engines seem to care about.  YES you can throw your key words into an article as many times as you think will be a benefit  but how does that look to the buyer/seller who has no idea why you keep saying key search term phrases like "Galveston real estate" every few sentences. This is the market I work in so I picked it as my example.

What does the potential client think about  this bizarre blog??  They think you have lost your mind and sometimes it does feel that way. I just wonder if we are all blogging for the right reasons? 

Content is King and we all know it in the SEO rat race but I just think maybe when we are constructing our thoughts some of the blogs I read make us look really bad.  You can get Google juice by digging deep  and finding  a good topic about  your market to talk about without saying the key phrases you are targeting over and over.  Kind of makes us look like the ranting of a real estate agent gone mad. We do need to service our sellers by offering them a highly ranked site to advertise their listings on but if we do it with quality and make that quality something a future buyer may enjoy then we have satisfied all aspects of why blogging needs to be a daily part of our day.  We have a chance to really  educate our community about real estate and make  the search engines happy.  Lets do it right.  The days of Google and other search engines allowing us  to do it wrong are coming to  a halt.  The robot  may not have a brain but lets hope the people behind the robot allow quality and  not quality in terms of blogging about our markets,  profession,and the future of our nations home market.

As I head off to do homework I would like to leave my thoughts with a calming photo of Galveston. This was taken from one of our Galveston vacation rentals.

Galveston vacation rental



Elizabeth Byrne
Keller Williams Realty - Arlington, VA
Arlington Virginia Real Estate

Christina, I understand your life - I deal with the same schedule: kids, husband, a dog, work, no time to take a breath. But in spite of a demanding schedule, you seem to have time to write.  Great post - it seems like we, Realtors, keep on blogging about the same things over and over again. We should take time thinking our topics through so our audience can benefit from our messages. I will do better in the future with my posts.  

Thank you for your comment on FSBOs. I love helping people without expecting anything in return, but I expect honesty in return. There are many wonderful people in my neighborhood and if I knew they cannot afford paying a commission, I would gladly help them anyway. Sounds like you do your share of helping others - I admire your giving spirit. Have a great evening.

Mar 29, 2011 12:31 PM
Christina Strommen Stevens
Southwest Realty Advisors LLC - Galveston, TX
Galveston Texas Realtor, Vacation home expert

I hope you took none of it offensively. I was shocked by some of the unprofessional comments of other agents yet commend you on taking them all as a learning tool:). Sometimes agents are set in their ways and don't look at what could always be an opportunity so  I worry thier advice is  so blunt  and hurts us allprofessionally since they dont get whay they say can always be traced back  to them. the internet is a very strange bird that can comeback to bite us all.  I liked the topic, of course or I would not have posted.

Mar 29, 2011 12:51 PM