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The Hardees in Georgetown has a problem. Its not the food or the service or any of the problems you usually expect from a fast food joint. This problem is actually a good one to have, as problems go. The drive thru is too small! Almost every morning you go by you can see vehicles backed up to the road, waiting to get some breakfast. Now I am no efficiency expert but speaking from my own experience I can say that this is a major deterrent to customers. I actually pulled in the other morning only to realize that there wasn't as much room as I thought. There I was sitting half in and half out on 17 hoping somebody didn't rear end me! As I said I am no expert but if someone affiliated with Hardees happens to read this I hope they see the business they are losing. If anyone reading this is familiar with the situation please feel free to chime in. I am really trying to hear feedback and I would love to hear and explore some possible solutions and opinions.

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