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Segs on the beach Surf the sand?  What would you do?

If you're new to the area, just visiting or if you're a local wanting to rediscover what's around us in the Beach Areas, GW Tours' SegwayTours are a fun way to do it.  From downtown Huntington Beach to the beaches themselves, the segway tours will take you all over.  I love living here and sometimes it's easy to either forget or take for granted what we have in our own back yard!

And come on...if you haven't ridden a segway before, you know you're just ACHING to!   You'll be in good hands, too, because my friend and neighbor Jack owns the place, he knows our area and is a heck of a lot of fun to be around!  The tours are 60 or 90 minutes.  One will take you to downtown Huntington Beach and then to the beach, while the "Beachcomber" tour...well, I think you can figure that out:)

We have the best of both worlds here in Huntington Beach...a smaller-town feel with the amenities of the big city.  We really have it all here...swimming, sailing, fishing, tennis, golf, skating and endless other outdoor activities.  Then there's the Huntington Beach Art CenterThe Newland House Museum, live concerts, book signings and plenty more.  If you're new to the area the links here should help and the segway tour is a fun way to get to know your way around.  If you're local, I hope the links are helpful to you and that a segway tour will introduce you to something new. 

Love where you live...and get to know it better:)


For more help and hints, just call me...your Beach Areas Specialist at 562-244-8021, visit my webpage www.annstefanucci.com or visit me on Facebook.