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Maryland Comptroller - State Must Rein In Spending

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Peter Franchot, State Comptroller, visited Frederick Maryland on Wednesday, presenting at the Frederick Rotary Club.
Getting right to the point, he noted that Maryland is critized for high taxes, regulations, unions, and Democrats.

However, Franchot feels the main problem is bureaucrats feeling entitled in their treatment of the public sector. He thinks public officials need to be more repsonsive and quicker - something that has been lost over the decades.

He said Democrats need to quit thinking of businesses as a bottomless pit to raise money for their programs, and commended Frederick County for taking care of school buildings and not wanting to replace them every 15 years.
He noted that Maryland has regional strenghts, such as coal and gas in the west, poultry in the east, and defense in the south, and, while retaining these, the state should concentrate on life industries.

The Comptroller is also big on teaching financial literacy, which teachers unions are resistant to, because the biggest hurdle many new job applicants face is bad credit - not drug use or legal problems.

On a sour note, Franchot said Maryland lost 1,700 jobs in January, the worst rate in 18 months.

A money saving idea is - file tax returns electronically - it saves the state money and speeds up tax refunds, and reduces errors too.

Do you feel bureaucrats treat the public with disresepect
What do you think of the condition of Frederick County schools?
Do you think schools should teach financial literacy/responsibility?
Can Maryland do more to entice and keep businesses?

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