How Low Will We Go?

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housing prices trend @ JustHelpNow.orgHow Low Will We Go?....

5%, 10%, 20%

Nobody Knows!!!!

What do we know?


We do know that Foreclosure Inventory Volume is outpacing Foreclosure Sales.

We know that Foreclosure Sales make up approximately one-third of all home purchases.

We also know that Distressed Properties sell at a discount, which lower property values in those neighborhoods.

Something else we know...banks are eager to get rid of the foreclosed properties.

Obviously unemployment has a HUGE impact; a market with higher unemployment will perform worse than a market with low unemployment.

When the "so-called experts", most who are self-proclaimed experts tell you that we have 5% or 10% left on the downside or that we are at the question is "How do they know?"


Based on what we know...where do you think home prices are headed?


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