Geometry of Professional Boundaries- The triangle of Owners, Home Stagers and Agents: Home Stager's view, Boulder, Colorado

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Geometry of Professional Boundaries - The triangle of Owners, Home Stagers and Agents: Home Stager's view, Boulder, Colorado

Selling homes is a team effort triangle, anchored by Owners, Agents and Home Stagers. We all have the same goal: SELL THIS HOME FAST AND FOR TOP DOLLAR. Being a Home Stager and Decorator in Boulder, Colorado(, The triangle of Owners, Home Stagers and Agents, can at times be a challenge when boundaries are crossed or blurred.

As the professional points in the triangle, it's the responsibility of the Agent and Home Stager to educate our client about how to stage and market their home. The Agent puts together a marketing package, and the Home Stager decorates and stages the home to make the best presentation possible within the Owner's budget. Both Agent and Home Stager need to keep the needs and desires of the Homeowner in the loop, and work as a team, especially when "glitches" arise. The Homeowner educates the Agent and Home Stager about the home's issues, assets and neighborhood. 

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 The coming together of the Triangle happens in different ways. Whether the Homeowner contacts the Agent separately from the Home Stager or the Home Stager refers the Homeowner to an agent or the Agent refers the Home Stager to the Homeowner....It is important to respect that each point has an area of expertise, including the Owner.  Working as a team is key.


I try to meet with the Agent and Owner together to address the "issues" and talk about appropriate staging decor. The Home Stager's job is to make a the best possible Staged presentation of the home. The Agent's responsibility is to list and market the home.  The Owner needs to maintain the property and communicate with the Agent regarding any issues with the home, schedule, etcetera. When all points respect the areas of expertise, the selling process runs smoothly, and is a success.  Just remember, cooperating as a team and respecting the role of each player is key!

Enjoy the day!  Leslie



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