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Free Car for Mobile Advertising for One Year!

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Free Car for Mobile Advertising for One Year!


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  Gratiswheelz has an ongoing program to allow business people to get a free car for one year, if they agree to have it "wrapped" with advertisements. There will be room on both sides for you to place your own ad - either on a fender or the rear door, not to exceed 18" square.  Fortunately, there are no cars yet assigned to Frederick Maryland, and the company recognizes the possibilities for growth in the region. Therefore, they are offering up to 5 cars for the Frederick area, and I have the first one wrapped up, so to speak.   For more information, either visit their website at www.Gratiswheelz.net, or call 277-453-6657   The agent in charge of the project is Lirpa Sloof   P. S. Hurry, unfortunately, I only found out this morning, "from a little bird", that this was the last day of the offer. It seems a temporary injuction from the DC Federal District Court may be given as early as today due to copywrite infringement suits from Autowraps.com, Mobile Billboard Network(one in Frederick), and freecar.com


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