Outsource Loan Processor

Mortgage and Lending with Hightower Financial Services, LLC

Do you really want to invest money so your processor can become your competitor?

Federal regulations are requesting that state require mortgage loan processors to get a license - your license. Safeguard yourself - outsource your processing! We put in writing that our processors do not indirectly or directly negotiate terms to anyone but YOU! We operate off a web based cloud so your information and your client information is safe, secure and accessible and monitored by an outside third party 24/7.

Equity Financial is a coast to coast, nationwide mortgage loan processing company. Specializing in conventional, Sub-prime, FHA, loan modification and commercial loans. We understand the cost and high risk associated with both the hiring and maintaining qualified loan processors. Our goal is to keep your business running effectively by putting both your time and energy where it is most effective - bring in new business. So let us assist you with your processing so you can close more loans!


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