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If you're looking to relocate to Cape Cod, and are also looking for the best ranking school districts in the area, here you will find information on Cape Cod Schools.  The Barnstable County School district offers a variety of opportunities for children and families.  With excellent public schools throughout Cape Cod, private schools of all types, and top-ranking Charter public schools--you will be sure to find the perfect fit for your child.  Information on Cape Cod Schools is available from many sources, including your local realtor.

Attentive StudentsThe first two towns to think of when gathering information on Cape Cod Schools as you cross the Bourne Bridge onto Cape Cod are of course Bourne, and also Falmouth.

The town of Bourne is situated on both sides of the bridge has 5 schools with a total population of 2,443 students.  Bourne's average student-teacher ratio is 14.7 students to every teacher which is right at the national average.

Falmouth has 7 schools and a relatively large student population.  While the population is large, the student-teacher ratio is 11.9 students to every teacher, which is below the national average.  Falmouth High also has an excellent student-teacher ratio of 12.1 students to every teacher.




Remember, the best way to get information on Cape Cod Schools is to talk to a local! 

When heading over the Sagamore Bridge, you enter the town of Sandwich.  While Sandwich is known to have the highest property taxes on the Cape, it is also known as the oldest town with lots of history, and is thought by locals to have great schools.  The overall student population in Sandwich is high, and the student-teacher ratio is relatively high at 15.1 students to every teacher.  Get more information on Cape Cod Schools in Sandwich by clicking here.


As you head further onto Cape Cod, you will hit the towns of Mashpee and Barnstable.  Mashpee has a lower student population in comparison to other towns already discussed, and has a good student-teacher ratio of 13.5 students to every teacher.

Barnstable is one of the most diverse communities on Cape Cod with 12 schools total and the largest student population of 4,354.  While the population is high, the student-teacher ratio is excellent at an average of 13 students per teacher. 

Information on Cape Cod Schools is here at your fingertips!  Barnstable also hosts both an Elementary and High School level Charter Schools.  You do not need to be a Barnstable resident to apply for a Charter School.  For more information on Cape Cod Schools, and specifically Sturgis Charter Public School click here. Sturgis was ranked 28th High School in the nation in 2009 by Newsweek Magazine, and the school is due to expand in the next few years. 

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Next in line is Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District. Known by locals as "D-Y" this school district also has a very diverse community.  The town has 7 schools total, a large student population of 3,461 and a student-teacher ratio of 12.1 to 1.

Information on Cape Cod Schools in Brewster, Harwich and Chatham is available in detail on the National Center for Education Statistics website.  These towns are smaller and closely linked, hosting a total of 8 schools among all three.  In this area, quiet winter months lead into a bustling summer on Cape Cod. 

Orleans, Eastham, Welfleet, and Truro are also closely linked areas.  While each mildly populated town has its own elementary schools, students are all brought together once they reach 6th grade at Nauset Regional Middle School in Orleans, and then at Nauset Regional High School in Eastham.  Orleans also hosts the Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School.

There are also several private schools throughout Cape Cod, including K-12 Cape Cod Academy as well as several private Christian or Catholic Schools. 

YOU CAN NEVER GET TOO MUCH INFORMATION ON CAPE COD SCHOOLS!!  If you are relocating to Cape Cod, call a realtor who is knowledgable about all that Cape schools have to offer!!

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