Short Sale, Foreclosure, & Mortgage Relief

Services for Real Estate Pros with Johnson Property Investment

It's all too common an occurrence these days... 

You're attempting a short sale but not getting offers; or perhaps foreclosure proceedings have started & all options have been exhausted. Maybe neither of these scenarios apply. Maybe you simply can no longer afford your mortgage payment & need to take action now.

Regardless of the situation, if you want to stay in your home to avoid further stress on your family, we may have a solution for you that does not involve loan modifications or a 3rd party buyer. How? WE will buy your home!

As I mentioned, if you want to avoid having to search for a new home & the expense & headache of moving & changing your kids' schools; SELL your home to us & we'll GUARANTEE that...

-- Our legal team will negotiate the purchase with the lender

-- You will lease the home from us at a rate significantly lower than your current mortgage payment. (Many lenders do not have an "arms length" policy & many of those that do are waiving it.)

-- You will have the option to buy the home back at the end of the lease, or if you choose, simply walk away

Please go to our web site for additional details on how our program works. When you are ready to proceed with our program simply click on the "Member Application" link at the top of the page.

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