Canada's Mortgage Rates are going up tomorrow.

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Impending Mortgage Rate Increase

There are a few indicators we watch that signal when mortgage interest rates may start going up. You can secure a 4 month rate-hold now so you can shop with confidence as you will know what your payments will be when you move in. If the rates go down then you still get the lower rate. How great is that?!

Strategy For Re-Mortgaging / Debt Consolidation

If you have an existing mortgage at a rate more than 4.5% then there is an excellent strategy to take advantage of these coming rate increases that will save your money on your payout fee and get you the last of these rates before they increase for good. Please contact us to discuss.

Canadian Mortgage Bonds

A mysterious number called "the spread" that banks use to price mortgages is at 1.09.

Currently lenders are looking for a spread between 1.35 and 1.55. To increase profitability and get the spread back to

the middle of the comfort zone (1.45 from 1.28) they will increase the rates to keep shareholders happy.

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