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PEMCO is conscientious of the ever changing world of HUD, and while some things such as commission splits can be, well, lackluster, one must also consider the beauty of M&M III. HUD has made a major renovation to their management plan along with a minor readjustment to the contract/bidding process, but luckily this has also created a movement to streamline the processes.

In March, PEMCO launched their auto-fill form to decrease haphazard errors made on the HUD 9548 Sales Contract. Now, HUD has approved amendments to the sales contract! If you have taken all of the appropriate steps needed to turn in your contract but the buyer needs to change their method of financing, this is now possible with a simple addendum to the contract rather than completing a whole new sales contract. In addition, changes to the buyer's name in order to match the financing papers or to make changes in the buyer's address to match the deed to HUD or loan documents is also available. It's important to remember that the original form must be sent into PEMCO to be implemented and each must have the case number associated to the property. The auto-fill form, addendums, and the entire contact package are all available on PEMCO's website under the forms tab. 

Video marketing, being the new way to market real estate, has taken it's effect on the way PEMCO communicates with the public. Take note of the tutorials featured on their PEMCO You Tube Channel. They will guide you through the contract writing process easily and effectively. 

To support their video marketing strategy, the real estate industry heavily relies on social media such as Active Rain, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This was even more so proven in the recent RE Tech South event held the last week of March. Technology junkies gather 'round to gain more information on the technology/internet based tools available for agents to help not only market their properties, but themselves. PEMCO utilizes the sweeping effect that can be produced from a simple Facebook post or Tweet by giving you information faster than you can say 203K!

Every effort is made to help you, the agent or buyer, find a home and close on it painlessly. Changes are a part of life, but not all changes are bad and in most cases, something good always finds it way to the top!


Comments (3)

Lori Najera
Fusion Real Estate Network - Broker Associate - Sacramento, CA

These are great changes and will help keep things rolling toward a successful close of escrow! Thanks for sharing. 

Apr 05, 2011 12:35 PM
Joyce Owens

I want to fill out addenda before contract acceptance because buyer is going out of town.  Is there a way to do that without filling out each form separately.  HUD had such a great system before everything changed in December.  When you got the contract form, you got the addenda too.  Hope there are plans to go back to that method.  I have had once transaction since the change.  It was with HomeTelos and they did send a way to auto populate all of the addenda . . . but it was emailed to me after the offer was accepted.  Tell me there is a way to do that before the offer is accepted . .. because I will not have direct access to my client within 48 hours of acceptance.  THANKS!

Apr 23, 2011 04:55 AM
Kristin Nakama
PEMCO Ltd. - Atlanta, GA

Our Auto-Fill Form and Addendums are available at Just go under the forms tab on our website and click on the area you are located in!

May 05, 2011 11:08 AM