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We all are wary of what we consume and breathe.  Sometimes, we have limited choices ... but in choosing some simple ambiance such as a candle in our home ... Did you know there is a better choice for the type of candle?

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A Lot Of people don't have knowledge of an important detail: the air which circulates inside our condos, colleges and offices can be too polluted. It might be disturbing, but don’t stress – there are many easy choices to refresh the atmosphere inside our condos.
People often ignore the importance of atmosphere cleanness. Homeowners take it for granted that because their condos are clean, their air is hygienic as well. Unfortunately, light particles like dust, black mold spores, and pet dander can be widespread in even the cleanest of apartments. There is a number of air purifiers waiting in drugstores, but if you’d prefer to go for a ecologic option, I suggest the next solutions:

1. Green Plants
All foliage are capable of destroying harmful particles from indoor air, examination by NASA indicates that certain cleaning plants are tremendously effective in destroying toxic particles and CO2 from the atmosphere we breathe. You should place a cleaning plants for every nine square metres of living area. The larger the cleaning plants, the more it can filter. The following cleaning plants made it to top: bamboo palm, marginata, aloe vera, and Boston fern.

2. Ethereal oils
It has been researched that spreading essential oils into the surroundings is one of the greatest options to purify the surroundings we dwell in. The essential oils possess some anti-viral characteristics which assist to destroy chemicals and bacteria in the surroundings.

3. Beeswax light
Cheap paraffin candle sticks are made from crude oil that pollutes the surroundings every while you light the candles. Beeswax candles, on the contrary, offer a tremendous improvement over crude oil ones: when the candle sticks are lit, they cleanse the surroundings efficiently while offering a wonderful honey scent, a friendly and golden fire. It represents an excellent solution for tall homes - like Toronto condos for example.

Natural wax represents the only material able to produce negative ions, that help clean toxins from the surroundings.

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