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Integrity in All of your dealings.....

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Integrity is a word that seems to be getting used for everyone in their businesses. You see car salesmen, banks, Retail Stores, and so many others using the word "integrity" in their advertising. What people often forget is that everywhere you go and everything that you do is watched so if you advertise "integrity", you should be LIVING up to the branding!

We're Realtors®! That means something! We work by a set of core values unmatched by just a "real estate agent".

With that said, are you remembering to brand yourself as a Realtor®? Do you think about it everytime you open your mouth, every time you blog on here, every time you are driving fast with that company magnet sign on your car, when you are conducting an Open House, when you are mailing people, talking to them, emailing them, doing lunch with your company logo attached to your attire?

What message are you sending people? Are you being NICE to other Realtors® and not putting them down, trying to cheat them, stealing their Open House or Yard Signs? Someone is always watching you, even though you don't realize it.

You should always brand yourself as a professional and play nice with others, because you don't know who will be bringing you your next deal! Are you going to be able to work together for the sake of your customers with someone you despise?

There is plenty of business out there that you don't have to be mean to your fellow workers, steal their customers, and be THAT competative that you are being a jerk!

Thank God for Keller Williams Realty, because we believe in putting God first! If you put Him first, then everything else.......is EASY!

We don't compete, trample, and undermine in the business! We help each other. We build each other's business up. There's no man left behind, unless.......he choses to be.


With Keller Williams, it's WIN-WIN or NO DEAL!

No deal is worth comprising our integrity!



Alexander Harb
Knights Investing - Mesquite, TX
Dallas, Texas Real Estate Investing

That is the reason I was with Keller Williams for almost 5 years......

It is an awesome company!!


Oct 02, 2007 02:09 PM