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Finally, a bank that has an emotional attachment to their short sale clients!

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I have spent the last few years doing short sales, most of which feel like you are beating a dead horse. When you are dealing with banks, you are practically dealing with a machine...no feelings...no concern for the actual person(s)...just focused on the dollar. Well I feel like I have won the lottery! Finally, a bank that actually cares about the person, calls them by their name and knows their personal situation. My client was referred to me from a past short sale client, she explained her situation and we were on our way thru what i call "short sale hell." Rushmore bank, I have never heard of it... I was concerned it was going to be like ETRADE, another bank that has no business lending money. But to my surprise, within 30 minutes of sending in my authorization I was called by a negotiator. My negotiator had actually been the person who was assigned to my clients loan modification...shocking she didnt get it right?...He knew her exact situation and genuinely felt for her. He didnt want her to be on the streets, homeless or completely broke. For the first time in my short sale career, Rushmore bank had actually offered to pay for her relocation. I will not disclose the amount, But I will tell you it blows cash for keys out the water. For the first time, I felt someone cared about my client just as much as I did. I cannot tell you enough how impressed I am with this bank and their employees. Could you imagine if all banks played this game?

Michael Bell
Bell & Associates Realty Group - Encinitas, CA
Vidamar Residential, Riviera Diamante

Thank you for the post.  It is nice to hear an occasional good short sale story.

Apr 07, 2011 02:55 AM