How Do you Seek Perfection in Life and Career?

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Recently made a comment to a blog , I believe was  entitled : "perfection is out've got to find it" and thought I'd share them here too.

Let me know what you think about the following comments ... & share your thoughts on the subject,

 and also-  HOW YOU APPLY YOUR BELIEFS and PRACTISES on PERFECTION -- not only in your life; but how that affects the way (and the WHERE)  you advance your Real Estate (or other) Career with those philosophical  concepts as well...



perfection-  such a little word, yet so many connotations...

a perfect life... does that mean including having  a perfect death as well....

a perfect marriage.... for some does that mean no marriage at all....

a perfect job....    that includes outgrowing it as well, right?

having perfect kids..... if they're yours... must they be perfect in your eyes or the worlds estimation...

Or is it rather a defined word for a conceptual process that rather than achievement  seeks to allow for infinite striving in search of  its attainment. 

(think a perfect score of 18 on every 18 hole  round of golf  on every course in the world under every weather condition on all the days of your life!-and no matter how the greens-keeper changes things up!) oh wait, is it possible to make two holes in one with the right bounce... perhaps perfection then requires... one stroke per 18 holes... through out the known universe...) Ah Perfection the unattainable goal. 

Perhaps for some  to even be considered "Perfection" then it  must be beyond the realm of mortal man....

Maybe some of us like the 'biblical definition of the word translated often as "perfect" - which more fully means "MATURE"....  oh so...

does that really mean we come closest to perfection...... when we are mature enough to know:

WE'RE really NOT?


so yes, Virginia.... maybe "Perfection is OUT THERE..."    beyond where the touch of human hands can spoil its reality.



 ...and a further thought:

 Can one consider it a perfect real estate transaction until after the buyer (or their heirs) are fully satisfied with the subsequent sale of said property even if  many years from its purchase?  (i.e. is not true perfection about the whole, not just by limitation to only one of life's components.) 


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Mike Mueller
Tech and Social Media Consultant - Walnut Creek, CA

That's not a bad first post - as a matter of fact that's a great first post. (I saw the original comment on Jason's blog).  I'll mirror his response there 'WOW!"

Deep and well written.  Good job and Congrats!




Oct 02, 2007 05:02 AM
BLRGUY(Beach & Luxury Realty Inc) - Saint Pete Beach, FL
Well..the Lucky Leprechaun finally posted!:)Nice Job!Aren't I perfect?LOL
Oct 02, 2007 05:17 AM
blreast therealty4u
Beach and Luxury Realty, Inc. - New Smyrna Beach, FL


Appreciate the encouragement Mike.

And the power  of Active Rain and the speed of the net... let's see from "Anything Goes" to Florida's coast, then  comments back to the Northeast and across the nation to California.. and a Positive response return.... almost faster than a refresh would reload! 

Taking  the time differential into consideration.(and Einstein's observationist's relativity).

...I really have got to THANK YOU!  for your positive comments given 'hour's' before the time I posted!

(Because of some's forethought, isn't it nice to be  THANKED ahead of a task's conclusion- providing just a little extra motivation.)

And with  your words  being the first comments on this blog- thus not only likely the  longer remembered... but  by the zones of time  necessity, that  my acknowledgement has come from  the p.m. ( locally) doesn't lessen its value, but rather enhances its meaning.. reminding us once again - that our words can  linger on long after our actions are stilled.

Oct 02, 2007 06:04 AM
blreast therealty4u
Beach and Luxury Realty, Inc. - New Smyrna Beach, FL



            blrguy said      " Aren't I perfect?LOL"


       Got a staff recommendation on that one!

       Thought it BEST that:

       Maybe we better ask the bashful broker about that first!


Oct 02, 2007 06:13 AM
Cris Burlew
Beach & Luxury Realty, Inc. - Saint Pete Beach, FL
Broker ~ St Pete Beach FL Real Estate

Hey blreast...Great post. As for asking me, the bashful broker about BLR Guy's comment...the answer would be YES, he's perfect!

Keep posting, as this makes one think about things! Great job!

Oct 02, 2007 01:12 PM
blreast therealty4u
Beach and Luxury Realty, Inc. - New Smyrna Beach, FL



Cris- Good to hear from you....and its Great you got a moment to get on AR... will be looking to see your next blog as well.

        As for "BLRGUY: ...YES, he's perfect!"        now that you've said it in Public -  that may soon be the title of his next blog!.... 

         OH, and SORRY for the FAUX PAS! -  staff should not of put someone on the spot and  asked  for  a  critique  of  an overseer in the payroll department!


Oct 02, 2007 04:52 PM
BLRGUY(Beach & Luxury Realty Inc) - Saint Pete Beach, FL I am glad you all realize this fact now!You can keep your jobs!:)
Oct 03, 2007 02:58 AM