Specialist - Do we have to limit our services?

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Specialist - Do we have to limit our services?


Today, it seems that we all want to see ‘The Guy’ or ‘The Gal’ who will get us the best deal. So in our industry we open a can of alphabet soup and push the letters around on our plate so they look like an important string. I, as a member of our community, know that a person with a designation after their name took a course and got the right / privilege to place the initials there. I know that I am part of a sub-set of the community, and often times that community often helps it’s siblings with problems. For example, I am an e-Pro. I have had other e-Pro members give me guidance regarding web page issues. That, to me, was a great deal of help. So, we know that within our own ranks the alphabet-soup can be a good thing.


Do our clients know that if they are looking in an adult community they should select an agent that is so designated? Do buyers know they can seek out an agent who is designated to keep their needs / interests in mind? (eh, isn’t that what we are all bound to do?)


Believe me, I think continuing education is important. It can be irksome with you have to transact a deal with a dinosaur, but why the alphabet soup?


Was it done by the business card printers?

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Maria Couto
RE/MAX Premier - Berkeley Heights, NJ
Realtor with "Results That "MOVE" You'
Hi Franklin, I believe that with all the initials after my name I can now perform brain surgery. Seriously, the public does not know what the letters mean, unless you market yourself.My intent has always been the education, the by-product was the designations. I'm a better agent because of it. I believe I get the listings due to a strong marketing plan, my market stats are on the money. If the alphabeth soup gives me an extra leg up---so much the better.
Oct 02, 2007 06:10 AM