Realtors make 1000.00 on a non qualified buyer

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Yes you can make 1000.00 on a client that does not qualify.

How you may ask?

In this market right now there is tons of inventory and not enough buyers. Either people are scared or they just do not qualify. Well I am standing in that gap. I do lease purchases. That is what my company is all about. I do not sell homes, I just lease purchase them. Its actually called sandwich leases, but these days I am just doing tenant/buyer placement and qualifying.

Right now I have about 50 people interested in lease purchasing. I have about 10 properties I am lease purchasing.  So the way you make your money is by sending me your clients that just missed the mark but they really want to buy a home. Or your clients that have expired listing or they are about to expire see if they would want to do a lease purchase and I will help them out all at the same time paying you.

Let me tell you what I do

  • I have a system where I spend 1000.00 on credit restoration and monthly personal budgeting .(this is included with my lease purchases)
  • I work with the client the entire time they are renting-to-own(my passion and goal is to get them qualified I want to create homeowners..........let me rephrase.....educated homeowners)
  • I hold seminars for everyone lease purchasing with me on pre qualification, credit, home maintenance
  • Its really a win-win-win-win situation.

By the way when the home does sell in most cases you still get the rest of your 3% commission.

So why not turn that person into a homeowner if the resources are there.

By the way my website is if you want to take a look at how I market my homes and get tenant buyers.  My direct line is 678-791-6059.  My name is Shauna.