Why is it every time I call an listing agent they say "Well I received another offer so you might want to give highest and best"?

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Ok, that's a long title!  It seems these days, I am hearing this more and more.  Then, the disturbing part, is once we get down to the offer, the other agent say something stupid like "You were the only offer we got".  This has happened probably each time in the last 5 offers I wrote...and I don't sell that many homes being the Broker. Each time the other Agent said something stupid letting me know that there really wasn't an offer.

The number one thing I dislike about our business is the dishonesty of so many Agents.  I really believe that until we start truly policing our own, we will always have this bad reputation.  After all, so many people, not just Agents, will do whatever they can to make a buck.  I have always believed that if you do EVERYTHING with truthfulness and honesty, you will always come out on top.

I like to say, I have made millions in the past 30 years of owning different businesses.  Unfortunately I have lost just a little more!  However, I have always done it on my terms and I have ALWAYS done it honestly and ethically.  

It's time to start filing grievances and get rid of the bad apples in our business.  Look people in the eyes, do what is in their best interest and always have a smile and this business is not hard.  People will want to work with you.  

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Stella Barbour
NoVa Brokers LLC - Vienna, VA
Principal Broker, Serving Virginia and Maryland

You are always going to find unethical people in any business.  We just have to keep doing what we do and hope people will see the good.

Apr 09, 2011 02:30 AM
Peter Schattenfield
Turning Point Estate Services LLC - Wilton, CT
Estate Dissolution and Preparation (203)388-8092 CT.

In this market I would think you could call the listing agent and say "give me your lowest and cheapest ask"?

Apr 09, 2011 02:32 AM
Thomas McCombs
Century 21 HomeStar - Akron, OH

Now if we could just get everyone to agree on what constitutes unethical behavior it would be so much easier.

Many of the posts here on AR deal with this issue on a regular basis. It seems that ethical behavior may be in the eyes of the beholder and could be judged according to one's point of view or position.

Apr 09, 2011 02:39 AM
Cindy Jones
Integrity Real Estate Group - Woodbridge, VA
Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News

In my area we do see multiple offers on many properties.  Every listing I've had on the market or that my buyers want to write on has been a competitive situation.  Different markets for different agents.  In any market the buyer has to make the decision about standing behind the offer they write and not to be intimidated by potential multiple offers.  To suggest it is an ethics violation to say bring us your highest and best offer is in my opinion a stretch.

Apr 09, 2011 02:41 AM
Mike Carlier
Lakeville, MN
More opinions than you want to hear about.

This would be more appropriately a members only post.  If every agent responded to your offers the same way, and you say they have all lied to you, I'm a little skeptical.


Apr 09, 2011 02:42 AM
Mitch Ribak
Mitch Ribak - The Real Estate Success Network - Melbourne, FL

We sell a ton of homes in our market.  Of course not every Realtor is unethical, we have lots of great agents.  However, in my opinion, the bad outweigh the good.  I had a conversation from a pretty well known NAR executive and he told me that he wouldn't be surprised if the number was much higher than the 30% I believed it to be.

Cindy - Yes, we certainly receive  multiple offers on many of our properties.  Most of the properties this is happening on are listings that are non-foreclosure listings (although one was) and were in good price ranges...definitely not our lower end.  I hear this almost daily from my Agents.  

EJ - I know, if it didn't happen to me personally, I would be skeptical too!  

Thomas - Eye of the beholder, not sure about that.  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  i am always telling my Agents that if you have to come to me to question if something is right or wrong then the chances are it's wrong.  I don't see a lot of crossover. 

Peter - You would think so!

Stella - That is exactly what we do in my office.  My Agents know how I stand on ethics and honesty and know they would be release immediately if they did anything unethical.  Only had to do it once a few years ago.  


Apr 09, 2011 03:04 AM