I've always been a giver. But today, I felt what it was like to receive.

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Shortly after joining ActiveRain, a real estate network, I discovered Loreena Yeo.  Her posts were filled with great knowledge and steps she is taking in the business.

Loreena also makes it a practice to share her faith  ... and this story about her brother says it in a nutshell. ... It is a faith that transcends wish and hope and shapes her life and the lives of those around her. 

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I've always done my best to give - give everything that I have. My skills, my time, my knowledge and most of all, myself in anyway I can. I also do it without expecting anything in return.

I go into every listing and buyer appointments with the same attitude. I pray, "Lord, may these people use me in the best way You see fit".

Some of you know about my latest drama in my life - my 24 year old brother who had an emergency spinal cord decompression surgery from a tumor that we found 2 weeks ago. The neurosurgeon said that he was surprised my brother can still walk in his condition.

The surgery was successful and 3 days later, my brother was walking again. However, the tumor was so close to his spinal cord, the neurosurgeon only managed to remove about 75% of the tumor. The rest needs to be treated through radiation.

His prognosis is good and that the cancer didn't spread anywhere else in his body. Praise God.

Today is the big day he went to see the Oncologist (cancer doctor).

My brother was wheeled into the Emergency Room without medical insurance. It was short-sightedness on his part not to purchase medical insurance despite the family telling him he needs to. My brother is an International student, here legally on a Student Visa.

God's really has His hands on my brother. A lesson our entire family is learning.... As you can say, I guess He's not done with him yet. Perhaps that's why He spared him his legs and the strength to walk again.

Exactly a week prior to my brother's ordeal, my husband and I met this new couple at church. We've always been back-seat sliders but that day, we found us at the front. Phillip and his wife sat across us. Came to find out, they too are the types that NEVER sat in front. That was one of the beginning of God's special divine appointment for us.

We shared our small talk and found out that Phillip was an Oncologist. Michael wasn't ashamed about not knowing what an Oncologist was. So, he asked. Phillip explained that he was a cancer doctor and we even joked about not wanting to meet Phillip for "work" reasons.

Exactly a week later, Michael was on the phone with Phillip explaining the diagnosis we just received.

Another week later as my brother was discharged from the hospital, Phillip received authorization from my brother to receive his medical records and even ordered a 2nd opinion of the diagnosis.

Today, as Phillip explained to my brother, my father and I what the next plans are, we came to a point where I had to ask Phillip about the payment. Phillip nodded his head and said, all this work, including the radiation oncologist and actual treatment of radiation will be done pro bono. The radiation oncologist also goes to my church. He was the one that told Phillip about the church since Phillip and his family just moved to the area.

I stood in awe, in shock with the amount of blessings we just received. Based on what we know, radiation treatment in itself was going to start at $30,000. For the past 2 weeks, my father and I were trying to figure out how we were going to gather funds to at least pay for this - our most important bill to pay out of all this.

I stood in awe because suddenly I was the recipient of such awesome blessings. It wasn't just helping my father the burden of finances, it was one less stress our family to have to deal with while needing to help my brother focus on getting better. I've always tried my best to give the best of me. Although I know I've been blessed many times over, perhaps even ones I didn't even know about, this blessings really overwhelmed me.

I've always been a giver. But today, I felt what it was like to receive when I least expect it.

What a humbling experience.


My church talked about the 4/29 challenge - a challenge for us to continue to trust the Lord specifically in the financial area. We talked about tithing and how putting faith first to see the wonders God would do. Today, I experienced the 4/29 challenge.


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I've always been a giver. But today, I felt what it was like to receive.

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Loreena and Michael Yeo
3:16 team REALTY ~ Locally-owned Prosper TX Real Estate Co. - Prosper, TX
Real Estate Agents

Wow, Len. I'm so honored to have you reblogged this message. I'm truly humbled. Thank you so much for sharing the story.

Apr 09, 2011 04:12 PM
Len Kobewka
Prairie Scapes / Scape-it™ - Calgary, AB
You Can Scape-it

The honour is mine Loreena ...  You are a light who attracts those in need.

Apr 10, 2011 02:07 AM