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Have you ever had one of those days when, at the end of the day, you think, "Wow!  What a great day!  I wish I had a day like this every day"?  That was me last night. 

Yesterday didn't start out extraordinary.  I woke up and started the day like any other - coffee, at my computer by 6:30, a little breakfast . . .  You know, the routine stuff.  I had some deals I was working on and an offer I was hoping would come in on one of my listings, but nothing grand.  Around 2:00 though, things started happening and by the end of the day, I was looking back on the day wishing every day could be like this. 

Now, I'm a very analytical person (as my family is always quick to remind me).  I analyze everything and believe me I recognize this is not an altogether good thing.  So, although I was thoroughly enjoying the fruits of my labor for the day, it left me wondering what I could do to increase the frequency of these types of days.  Did I do anything differently yesterday?  My conclusion was that I had not. 

So what could I contribute to my great day?  Perseverance and patience.  Some of you may have read a blog I wrote a few months back where I described how, when we realize something isn't working, we need to try something different.  Around the end of last year I did some real soul searching and decided that I needed to do things differently if I was going to stay in this business.  I admitted to myself (and to some of my nearest and dearest) that I had not been doing all I could do in some areas of my business, so I was changing my approach.  Have I stayed on track with all my goals?  As much as I'd like to say I have, I'm not superwoman (please don't tell my kids) and that's ok.  The point is I am doing things differently and its working.

So what's my point?  Well, we've come to expect immediate or, at the least quick, results.  Travel, the internet, etc., if we want something we want it NOW.  Work, especially if you have your own business, often doesn't work that way.  Sometimes, it takes time to see the results of our hard work.  Just like a farmer who plants a crop, it takes time before we can harvest.  So for all of us (I include myself), who are working hard to make our business a success, we need to remember that although every day might not be a hugely successful day, it is another day to put forth the effort to make it a success, and eventually not only will we experience those great days, but we will experience them more often. 

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Linda K. Mayer
License # 01767321 - La Verne, CA

Lu, Seems like I need to do some of that re-thinking.  We are becoming more and more used to instant gratification, I agree.  But since the market has changed, that's not happening.  That being said, I cld do more in areas of my business as well.  Have a better day today than yesterday!

Apr 09, 2011 06:58 AM