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Home Values in Dighton MA- Market Report April

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Currenty there are 42 Single Family Homes on the market in Dighton Massachusetts

8 homes were sold in the last month with an  average sale price for Dighton Massachusetts is $ 294,688.

Last month there were 2 homes sold in Dighton with an average sale price of $228,000. Average Market time is 145 days

Last year from March 10, 2010-April 10, 2010 there were 4 homes sold in Dighton with an Average Sale price of $294,250. Average Market time was 256 days

Foreclosed inventory is down.

According to "the experts" several foreclosures have slowed due to  robo-signing and mortgage assignment and title issues. There are $30,0000 plus foreclosures nationwide waiting to be released by late 2011. If the forecasts are accurate, we will again expererience a drop in real estate values.

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