It appears that the 2011 spring market is more robust

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After not seeing a spring market in 2006, the real estate market west of Boston and into Central MA has struggled to rebound.  It appears as though 2011 has us turning the corner. 
With what I'm seeing and what many of my Realtor colleagues are saying...buyers are not only out looking, they are prepared to buy. 

This is the first year in many that the "M" word is being heard over and over.  That would be Multiple Offers! 
The key is price.  Price for location...Price for condition...Price for market conditions. 
There is no room to experiment or push the envelope with what the market will bear. 
What the seller wants, needs or is being told by practitioners who aren't able or willing to tell the seller what they need to hear simply has no bearing. 
The seller is either on the market or are in the market...there is no gray area. 
Real estate is not just local.  It's hyper-local and as my friends as KCM Blog said in today's post...

"Pricing is a major challenge in the vast majority of regions right now. Definitely sit with a local agent. However, make sure they tell you what you need to know not just what they think you may want to hear."


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