Spring Market Tips:

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Spring has finally arrived in most of the country and not a day too soon in my opinion. Now is the time to go outside and spruce up the planting beds, remove leaves left over from the winter and deep clean your home.

If your home is on the market or you are about to put the home on the market here are a few tips that will help you sell your home quickly.


Home - Exterior


  1. Remove all yard waste from planting beds, yard, fence lines etc.
  2. Mulch planting beds and landscaping
  3. Spread fertilizer, pre-emergent on lawn
  4. Mow
  5. Spread dirt and grass seed in baron patches of yard
  6. Trim drive way and walk ways with weed eater or edge trimmer
  7. Repair any dry rot or damaged wood on outside of home
  8. Touch up paint repaired areas and areas that paint is thining
  9. Clean gutters
  10. Trim trees and shrubs
  11. Power Wash deck and stain and seal if needed
  12. Power Wash concrete
  13. Clean exterior face of windows
Home - Interior

  1. Clean base boards
  2. Mop all hard surface flooring
  3. Clean and polish all wood surfaces with soap and wood polish
  4. Clean windows
  5. Clean and disinfect bathrooms with soap and water, bleach etc
  6. Touch up paint any nicks on base boards, door frames, walls
  7. Patch any holes and paint from nails etc where pictures or decorations were removed from
  8. Clean out fireplace, paint inside of fireplace with fire resistant paint if needed
  9. Steam clean or replace carpets if needed
  10. Clean all mirrored surfaces
  11. Deep dust all surfaces, top of cabinets, top of fridge etc
  12. Clean all kitchen cabinet faces, touch up paint if painted, polish if wood
  13. Clean all sinks and faucets completely until they shine
  14. Clean stove top, polish if glass, scrub if painted enamel, clean burner area to new look and clean oven completely
  15. Clean out fridge and clean all surfaces inside and out
  16. Move appliances out and clean behind them, including washer and dryer
  17. Clean rugs in kitchen, entries etc, or replace if needed
  18. Clean all glass surfaces
  19. Clean all furniture, polish wood, clean upholstery 
  20. Clean all linins and bedding
  21. Clean  all blinds
  22. Have serviced your heating and airconditioning
  23. Clean all Air Vents in home
  24. Remove all cobwebs from walls, corners and ceiling
  25. Clean, Clean, Clean! If you can't remember the last time you cleaned something, clean it!
These lists will get you started in the right direction, once you are in cleaning mode you will naturally continue cleaning until there is nothing left to clean. If you have friends and family who can help you could make a fun day of this work by having them over then having a bbq after the work has been done. If you do not have time and can afford to higher your spring cleaning done is always a good option.

I can tell you from experience that when I take buyers into a home that is clean they are more receptive to the property, shows that the owners have maintined it well and that the home is a good home. I have had sellers sit on the market for months with a dirty home and once they deep cleaned the property it sold withing a couple of weeks. 

Do yourself a favor, put the time in to make your home prestiene, nothing on this list is expensive to do, you should have paint for the inside of your home and the exterior of your home and you should also already have the needed supplies to clean your home. The only cost is time, and you are already there living your life just spend some time sprucing your home up!! You will be glad you did!!


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Comments (2)

Janet McCarthy
San Diego Homes Guide - San Diego, CA
Broker Associate

Buyers are picky then ever and every detail no matter how small is important.  Thanks fr the great list.

Apr 11, 2011 03:42 AM
Mike Saunders
Lanier Partners - Athens, GA

Brett - and add some color to the outside. Plant some flowers and put some in pots by the door. All great tips to pay attention to.

Apr 11, 2011 04:15 AM