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It's Time For Us to Give Back: RainMaker Price Breaks

Reblogger Sandra Corrigan
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Become a Remarkable Rain Maker!

This is such great information from Active Rain and with new active rain members every day, it is a great post! Thank you for always being willing to help us get better and be better at what we do to serve people!

Original content by ActiveRain Real Estate Network

Our active members and their generous contribution to our Community makes ActiveRain what it is today.  In the spirit of recognizing our most dedicated members we are introducing new reduced RainMaker pricing. Members who are constantly blogging, commenting and inviting new members are adding to the value of AR so we want to reward them for their contributions.

We have adjusted our RainMaker subscription cost.  The more active you are the less moolah you'll pay.

New RainMaker Price Break Structure:

Under 100K points $59                                   

100K + points $39

200K + points $29

300K + points $19

400K + points $9

500K + Grandfathered In

**** If your pricing is already lower than this, your pricing will not go up.  This new pricing is only a benefit; it will not hurt you.

Once you cross a price breaking threshold your billing will automatically adjust to the correct pricing for the next billing cycle.  So blog your little hearts out and reap the rewards!!  Nobody ever complained about a little extra jingle in their pocket.

We thank you for continuing to return to us and using ActiveRain as your blogging platform.  We are aware there are many out there to choose from and your loyalty means the world to us.  Thank you for always sticking with us and thank you for being part of the ActiveRain Community. 

Your success is our success


hi matt if your still knoking around i think this is the link and details, there there most competitive in the game ,say mart give you there number
Jul 21, 2012 10:12 AM