First Steps to Selling a Home

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At Park’s Edge we have a handful of people interested in purchasing a home from us, but first have to sell their own homes. Whenever I meet a potential client that is interested in selling their home, I always go over the things that I will do to help sell their home.  Additionally, before we proceed with signing the agent agreement, I cover what I need from them.   Below is a list of things I ask of my clients, but I would also recommend to anyone interested in selling their home.

  1. Clean, clean, clean everything!  Wipe all the walls and clean all windows and their respective tracks. I am even talking about going so far as to remove light covers to clean dust and dead bugs.  A clean house shows to a potential buyer that you care about the value of your home and have taken necessary steps to keep it in good order.
  2. Repair anything that is damaged.  This includes doors that don’t shut correctly, touch up of dings and blemishes on walls and filling in all the nail holes.  Just to name a few.
  3. De-clutter.  This is huge, especially in bedrooms and small areas such as closets and bathrooms.  Box up any clothes you won’t be wearing and any items that are not essential.  Make sure all kitchen and bathroom counters are cleared off.  Start to pack up your house; you will have to eventually anyway.   But remember to neatly stack the boxes in the garage or storage area so they are out of the way. Bottom line, the less stuff you have around, the larger the rooms are going to feel.
  4. De-personalize. You want a potential buyer to be able to picture themselves living in your home.  You want them to be able to envision their family photos on the walls and mantel and their furniture in the family room.  So, take down family photos, excess decorations and posters in the kid’s rooms.  Keep your home looking nice, but also very simply decorated.
  5. Curb appeal is something that simply cannot be overlooked!  The first impression a potential buyer will have is when they pull up to your home for the first time. If the home looks run down and the landscaping is a mess they will already have a bad taste in their mouth and wonder if the inside is just as bad.  Clearing out all the trash and dead vegetation, cutting the grass and putting a fresh coat of paint on your door and frame will go a long way. Don’t forget planting a few flowers for good measure!

A few other small things I would recommend is opening all the doors and having all the lights on. Last, I would encourage having a candle that smells like fresh baked cookies lit up. It makes a home feel warm and inviting.

By doing the above, I know my clients will sell their home much quicker. This is great for them and makes by job that much easier!

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