The fast food Dollar Wars

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I live in Prescott Valley Arizona, which has a lot of Senior Citizens.  Now as you know seniors are mostly on a fixed income so they tend to be on a budget and conservative with their money. 

The name of the game is "if its not on sale, don't buy it". 

Then you have the food budget, which the fast food people are very astute at playing the game.  Thus the Dollar Menu wars.   Lets take a closer look.

Start with the first into the game, you have McDonald's,  They have had the dollar burger for some time.  It pretty much consist of a piece of "meat" and an slice of cheese, a slice of pickle, with catchup on it.  Buyer beware, a child's meal cost twice as much as the dollar burger, price of toy thrown in.

Then you have Burger King, they got in and then got out, I guess the price for a piece of meat and a bun and a slice of cheese was not a good profit margin, so at least locally they gave up and offered a quarter pounder for $1.99.

Along came Jack in the Box and offered something similar.

Then Del Taco, offered tacos at 39 cents, so for 80 cents you could get two tacos and a glass of water.

Then there is Carl's Jr., offering a spicy chicken sandwich for a dollar and a large coke for a dollar.  One of the first to offer a drink at that price, but if you want a medium it is still 1.69, higher than the special price large so it is buyer beware when you order.

Then there is the clear winner in my books, Wendy's who clearly understand the seniors in our area.  Wendy's offers multiple values.  1.  Double stack, $.99, Crispy Chicken $.99, both with lettuce and cheese,  small Fry $.99, baked potato $.99, small Chili $.99.  AND if you go in and order a double stack and senior coke, the coke is free. 

The game is clearly get them in the door, because the seniors buy a frosty for desert, bring the family, bring the grand kids and and others from the church after the service.  Wendy's understands marketing and are willing to invest in seniors because they bring business. 

So the clear winner of the Dollar Fast Food wars is Wendy's as far as I am concern.  What do you think?

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Ralph Gorgoglione
Metro Life Homes - Palm Springs, CA
California and Hawaii Real Estate (310) 497-9407

What a great post! Thank you for sharing this post.

Apr 12, 2011 06:27 AM
Jeff Jasinek
Clients First Realty - Peoria, AZ
Realtor-Clients First Realty, LLC

I prefer Jack in the Box.  2 Tacos for $.99 and a Big Cheeseburger for $1.29.....great post Pete!  If I can help any of your clients down here in the Phx area, please don't hestitate to contact me.  We'd also be interested in establishing a relationship with a good Prescott area Realtor as well, let us know if we can work together sometime!  Take care,


Apr 12, 2011 06:29 AM
Pete Stanley
Coldwell Banker Residential, Prescott AZ. - Prescott Valley, AZ

Jeff, thanks for your input, it was a fun post and as a senior in Real Estate, I will have to check out the two traco for 99 cents.  I would love to help any of your clients find a good vacation home or per home here in Cool Prescott.  We have some great homes in the pine trees that have a veiw created by Gods own hand, and if I have any one in the Phoenix area, I certainly will refer to  you.


Apr 12, 2011 07:08 AM