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We're working in a time where indexable listings -those that are visible and crawlable and therefore able to be included in the search engine result pages - are becoming more commonplace. Because of this trend, it's valuable as a listing agent to recognize the importance of optimizing the content of your client's listings. I was recently looking an agent's detail page where the home was described using a lot of abbreviations and industry jargon and thought that she had done herself and the client a disservice by not writing a better description for a potential homebuyer and the search engines.       

The number of bedrooms and other features were written using non spaced abbreviations all in CAPS MAKING IT DIFFICULT AND ANNOYING TO READ. Although search engines are very adept at interpreting words and values, the details were an ugly jumble. I thought perhaps this agent did not grasp the marketing potential that an indexable IDX presents or how using and IDX website technology that make listings visible to the search engines can bring Internet traffic...and therefore sales! Writing a thorough detail page will help you to maximize the potential that Internet exposure can bring.

You don't need to be an editorial genius to do this. A generous, thoughtful description can do the trick. It'sEye not necessary to exaggerate features or misrepresent the home -pictures don't lie- just be inventive and highlight the good qualities...put your investor thinking cap on. Use keywords that you think will target an audience and keep in mind, with indexable listings, search engine users are your audience.  If the property has seen better days, use keywords like fixer-upper, investment property or investors option. Is your listing well priced? Try keywords like affordable and bargain priced. If you're brave and your client wants to sell... cheap is a highly searched keyword in real estate for sale and it's all about promoting the home right?

If you're running with the privileged sect and are marketing a high end home, use keywords that offer the best opportunity to capture upscale buyers. If the home is on the beach, in the foothills or in a prestigious hi rise, name those views in spectacular detail!  Yes, homebuyers really search using these kinds of keywords and I have the Google Analytics for thousands of websites to prove it to any skeptic. Is the pool more impressive than the norm? Describe it in detail, down to the imported Italian mosaic centerpiece. Top of the line appliances-you know you've got to list those...by brand name! Peel the home apart like an onion. The most unique search term that I've seen in search engine traffic analytics is a long tail phrase that included "brushed nickel faucets." This is the power of the long tail keyword optimization.

So, the big takeaway is to start thinking like a homebuyer instead of a real estate agent. Homebuyers search online using very specific terms because the online community has learned that generic searches get generic results and time is precious. Plus, people have an attention span of...what?

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Anita Koppens

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Rich Cederberg
eXp Realty - Albuquerque, NM
eXp Realty Agent Albuquerque

Although I'm very familiar with using keywords when I write a blog post, I must admit I haven't applied the same rules to the remarks section of my MLS listings. I will definitely have to go back and rewrite them with this in mind. 

Apr 13, 2011 07:05 PM
Dynamic Page Solutions
Dynamic Page Solutions - Mesa, AZ

Whoohoo - I guess you learn something new everyday Rich.

Apr 19, 2011 06:21 AM