Custom Searches with Prime Access

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Create customizable search templates for clients with Metrolist and PrimeAccess. Instantly know how many properties relate to your specific client's needs.

Interviewer: Today we are talking with David Barber from Re/Max Unlimited and the topic is PrimeAccess, a new functionality that they have implemented. Welcome to the show.

David Barber: Thank you Dan, it's good to be here.

Interviewer: How are you?

David Barber: Good, good.

Interviewer: So tell me, last year Metrolist launched some new beta functionality with new searches tell me what's that all about?

David Barber: Well there are a couple of things in the new beta searches. First of all, you get a running tally as you add criteria to the search, you get a running count of how many properties are falling into that category. So rather than hitting the "how many" button and you can constantly see up in the corner of the display how many properties match what you are looking for.

Interviewer: That's cool, that saves you a step.

David Barber: Absolutely, and one of the other nice things is you can customize the layout of the screen you are looking at, once you get search results back.

Interviewer: So almost like set up a template.

David Barber: Certainly, you can either do that and save it as a template or if you are looking for specific things, say you have a client that's looking for acreage property, you can go into a custom menu, add "acreage" and then pull that column directly to the front. So you can see if they are looking at, say 20 to 40 acres, you can look through that criterion very quickly.

Interviewer: And so maybe you haven't heard from them in a while and they want to say, hey is there anything new that's come up, you could easily go back to that template, is that right?

David Barber: Absolutely, you can save it and pull it up at any time. If you save it as a client search, it will always come up that way. If you save it as a default, then everything that you go in and search as will come up like that.

Interviewer: So I think what you are saying is, we don't have to change the display every time if we've got the same client looking for the same product.

David Barber: That's exactly what I am saying.

Interviewer: And do you say the best way to do that is to first set up the criteria and then save it for that particular person.

David Barber: You've got a lot of different ways that you can do it. It's a very dynamic system and you can adjust things as you move through your search or you can set it up with all the criteria and then save it for the client.

Interviewer: Do you use any specific customized options on a regular basis?

David Barber: It really depends on what my clients are looking for, if they are looking for particular neighborhoods you can save that. As I say, acreage properties, zip codes, school districts, or any number of things. It gives you a lot of freedom to search for which criteria is important to your clients.

Interviewer: Last, but not least, if an agent wants to find out more information about how they set this up, how do they do that?

David Barber: Go to and they can go to the help center or call Metrolist tech support.

Interviewer: And they will walk you through it.

David Barber: Absolutely.

Interviewer: David, great information, thanks for being with us.

David Barber: Thanks Dan.