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Scott Webber, owner of Fuller Sotheby's International Realty talks about the Denver area market and how Fuller Sotheby represents quality homes and provides excellence in real estate.

Today we are talking with Scott Webber, owner of Fuller Sotheby's International Realty here in Denver, welcome to the show.

Scott Webber: Thanks Dan, good to be here again.

Interviewer: Glad you're here, two years ago you had just bought Fuller Towne & Country Properties and I'm sure you heard a lot of people say, "Wow! That guy bought a firm at an interesting time."

Scott Webber: Well no doubt, the timing was suspicious and coincidental.

Interviewer: Right.

Scott Webber: But you know when you have been at this business for 35 years and you're committing for another 20 years, what's a little blip in the market?

Interviewer: There is bound to be a few.

Scott Webber: Yeah, you know when it's a long term commitment you know these are just the up and downs in the business and you are prepared to deal with whatever market comes at you.

Interviewer: Well let's talk about that, how has it been over the last two years? Can you give us a quick assessment of where you are at and where the market is at, at this time?

Scott Webber: Well, you know the market is definitely recovering, I mean we are clearly seeing listing inventories getting smaller...we are seeing more buyers in the market. So the balance between the supply and the demand is, is definitely improving. We've seen more sales in the luxury segment so far this year, than we saw all of last year.

Interviewer: Talk about the luxury market, obviously Fuller Sotheby's has been well entrenched in there and that's been a difficult market over the last two years both for buyers and sellers in all the ways. You said it's getting better... the outlook is that it will continue to improve? Some people are concerned about a double dip, what do you think?

Scott Webber: I don't think this double dip rumor is anything worth worrying about.

Interviewer: Sure.

Scott Webber: I mean, I think people are just gaining more confidence in the overall economy all the time and we are, we are definitely seeing that in the way people are spending today, you know people are definitely much more liberal in their spending and so the luxury segment has picked way up, we are having way more showings, way more contracts, in fact multiple offers.

Interviewer: For disclosure, obviously I work in the luxury market, I have a lot of luxury listings. One of the things that I run up against and I'm sure you hear a lot of as being owner of the company is, Fuller Sotheby's wouldn't be interested in selling my home, mine is not a luxury home.

Scott Webber: Yeah clearly, our program is oriented towards the segment of the market that is maybe $500,000 or above, but really our brand is more about the quality factor than it is about the luxury segment. You know we're really just an organization with a brand and with a philosophy that's oriented around the concept of quality, and just really doing things with excellence. And so every one of our clients benefits from that commitment and that philosophy regardless of the price point. Last year, we sold a property for $50,000, and we also had the highest sale in the market at $9.2 million. So you know, we are selling everything in-between, and we take as much pride in selling the property that's on the lower average sales price range as we do in the luxury segment.

Interviewer: I tell people all the time that, you know, yes we sell million dollar homes, and if yours is not a million dollar home, don't worry, you'll just get the million dollar service.

Scott Webber: That's exactly right, that's exactly right.

Interviewer: Yeah, all right, what's left on the horizon, what do we have to look forward to where is the market heading?

Scott Webber: Well, I think we're just going to see continual improvement you know we are really fortunate in Denver, you know Denver you know there is, there is immigration into Denver, there is a lot of companies moving here, there's you know there's, there's growth, there is, Denver is very fortunate and, and so I see the Denver market you know itself you know getting stronger, I see the national marketplace getting stronger, I think that you know that the future is bright, very bright.

Interviewer: Yeah, people still want to live in Denver.

Scott Webber: Absolutely. It's a good place to be.

Interviewer: Thanks for being here.

Scott Webber: Thank you Dan, good to be here.