Advantages and disadvantages of buying mobile homes

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What is a mobile home?

Mobile or manufactured homes are homes which are built on the basic framework of a factory and are transportable in one or more sections. Over the years, mobile homes have become very popular in the United States.

What to look for when buying a mobile home?

When buying a mobile home, it is necessary to survey the market for such homes. Intelligent buyers first survey the market, then hold a comparison between the cost, interior and exterior décor, etc to reach a conclusion and choose the best one which is in accordance with the budget of the buyer. Mobile/manufactured homes come with a certification label which has to be checked by the buyer before moving into the house.

Buyers of Mobile Homes

Anyone can buy a mobile or manufactured home; there are no restrictions as such. But there are different factors which are to be taken into consideration before one decides to buy a mobile home. Manufactured homes come with amenities and facilities, so many people who have retired from their jobs want to live in a park. Others want to purchase a mobile home so that they can move whenever they want and take their homes with them.

Advantages of a Mobile Home

There are many advantages of buying a mobile home. The biggest advantage is the price of a manufactured/mobile home. With a lesser amount of money, buyers can avail various amenities like appliances, utilities, etc. Some of these houses offer many luxuries too. A traditional home needs repairs from time to time; one has to pay for the insurance, for the property tax, etc.

Living in a mobile home does not mean that one is deprived with all the luxuries of life. Many rental parks offer great pools and recreational areas like those of conventional neighborhoods. These homes can offer luxury at an affordable price.

Disadvantages of Mobile Homes

When it comes to strict weather conditions, mobile homes are not a good choice as everyone cannot manage the hassles of bad weather. Those who cannot take up such harsh weather conditions better go for ‘stick’ houses.

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