Handicapped Housing In Maryland

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Handicapped Housing in Maryland is a more frequently searched term when compared to wheelchair accessible housing in Maryland. For the record, my preference is using accessible and universal design housing in Maryland. If you're looking for options regarding Handicapped Housing in Maryland, I have 2 resources for you.  


Handicapped Housing in Maryland

Accessible and Universal Design House For Rent

This 2 bedroom/1 bathroom house is available for rent. Here's some unique characteristics of the house:

  • the house is fully furnished and rent includes all utilities. Just bring clothes!
  • short term lease only...ranging from 1 to 6 months. Great for people visiting Baltimore.
  • over 70 features of accessible and universal design incorporated into the house.
  • the bathroom includes a roll-in shower, roll-over toilet (area for transfers), and roll-under bathroom sink.
  • the house has 2 barrier free entrances. The front door has an inclusive design ramp built into the front porch as well as no-step sidewalk onto the back deck.
  • you can follow this link for more information on this option for Handicapped Housing in Maryland

handicapped housing option in Maryland

For the past 15 years, I've developed various businesses related to residential accessible housing. From providing home care rehab services, home health equipment, contractor services specializing accessible remodeling, I'm passionate about creating wheelchair accessible housing. In 2005, I bought a typical ranch-style house and over a 9 month period, I remodeled this house with concepts of universal design.

Homeownership for Individuals with Disabilities

Handicapped Housing In Maryland

The State of Maryland has a great "mortgage" tool for individuals (need certificate of disability) looking to purchase a house. The program provides low interest loans (~2-4%) with 30-40 year terms. A few years ago, I was acting as a Realtor and direct a client to the program. She completed the application process and ended up with a 0% loan with a 40 year term. Wow...those are great terms! The program no longer offers 0% but 2-4% is very good.

If you or someone you know needs further information regarding these options for Handicapped Housing in Maryland, please have them call Eric Anderson at 410-365-7086.

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