Starbucks, Everything is Better with a Red Cup!

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Colorado is snowy, typical for an April day. I needed a day away from people. I am working from home, a benefit of being a small business owner.

My morning has been spent catching up on email, being social on Facebook & Twitter (Thanks Chuck Blakeman, Bob Burg & Tech Savvy Agent)

Needing a break, I made the most delicious cup of Starbucks coffee, sugar free hot chocolate, frothed with hot milk. Pouring it into my red Christmas cup from Starbucks. I took a sip, whooosh!, a back to the past scene with my then NYU Freshman daughter came into my mind. 

Steph called, homesick and stuck on some kind of homework assignment. She had not made many friends, it was the beginning of December and I could hear her little, sad voice on the brink of tears ask for my help. It was all I could do to not get onto the first plane to NYC.

Reaching for momma advice, I said, "Go to Starbucks, take your homework, ipod and get your favorite drink. Imagine that you are surrounded by friends". We hung up (without me crying) and said we would talk later.

My heart was touched by her request. Blotting my non-waterproof mascara eyes, I headed off to a day full of appointments.

A call from Steph came. I answered with a cheery "Hi", hoping things had improved. "Hi, Mom! I want you to know that everything is better with a red cup!" "What?" I replied. "Today is the day the Starbucks Red Cups came out! It means that the Holidays have just begun and that I will be coming home soon! Mom, I went to Starbucks, did what you said and now I feel so much better. My homework is done and...... thanks mom!"

After "I love yous" and "talk later", I felt better too. Later that week I was getting my Starbucks and noticed the Red Cups were for sale. Remembering my daughter I bought a red cup for her and me so that we could be prepared for the next time, both or either one of us just needed to make everything feel better with a red cup!

I guess I needed a Red Cup Day today. I am thankful for my family, my team and the people in the world who are clients and business partners, you have become my friends. The world's message can be full of "never enough" and in my wanting to be of value and extending generosity to others, my cup can run empty. Maybe your cup feels a bit empty and you need some hope.

My advice, "Go to Starbucks, or your favorite drink spot, get your favorite drink, take your music and something to work on. Picture yourself surrounded with people who love you." Take care of some of you today. Oh and it might help to do all this with a red cup!


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John Marshall - FORE!
LoKation Real Estate - Cherry Hills Village, CO
Specializing in Golf Course Properties

Sandy, what a "warm" story for a wintry April Day, thank you for sharing

Apr 14, 2011 07:59 AM
Jason M. Keith
Caliber Home Loans - Parker, CO
Equal Housing Lender

Hello Sandy,  What a touching story, GOOD JOB MOM!  Thank you for sharing this with AR.

Apr 14, 2011 10:23 AM