If you can order coffee, you can understand social media!

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Great analogy on what social media is. I have made presentations on using social media to attract new members to several organizations. I will use it on my next presentation. Thanks.


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Several of our Denver office employees have recently decided to take on the challenge of trying to understand social media. Our operations manager, Sharon Shunk, entitled her first blog, "What does Social Media and Starbucks Have in Common". It was a great analogy that stayed with me for a couple of days.

One day I happened to be at a Starbucks store (#10114) and was telling our Aurora manager, Rona Lewis, also a new blogger, about the interesting post. While paying for the coffee, the young woman, Amanda, behind the counter told us she had recently given a 10 minute speech about how to order a Starbucks. Did YOU know there was a proper way on how to order coffee? Well, for the wondering minds, let me share with you the details of ordering a Starbucks:

First you have to understand the proper order of giving instruction. Did you ever notice there was a "menu" on the side of every Starbuck's cup? Hello??? Talk about a blinding flash of the obvious! How is that I never noticed this before??

So, here it goes:

First, tell them which cup to grab. Not small, medium or large. Rather "Tall" "Grande" or "Venti".

Once they have grabbed the cup, it's just a checklist they follow:

coffee and social mediaDecaf can be requested on most. And if you want half caffeine, ask for a "half calf"! Or ask for a double shot, triple or quad (get ready to fly around the room on that one!)

Shots: How much caffeine do you want? Single shot of expresso, double, triple? Size does not mean more caffeine in espresso drinks. Yet it does in Americanos drinks. Half-calf would mean one shot of regular, one shot of decalf. Macchiotto means shots in the foam giving a stronger flavor right away. 

Syrup- Do you know they have schools whose entire agendas are figuring out what syrups or combinations will whip up interesting concoctions that can be bragged about on Facebook? Maybe just go with vanilla, caramel, hazelnut?? OH.. and if you're trying to impress someone, just say "make it a two pump vanilla"!!

Milk: seems easy, right? Wrong! Here are your options: whole, low fat, non-fat. OR soy, organic, whipping creme, you name it! Easy so far, right? NO milk, foamed milk, part milk. Part foam is a complete dictionary of options depending on how many parts of each!

Custom: examples like extra hot, no room for cream, no foam, extra ice.

Drink:  In the picture, the "A" means Americano (espresso and hot water). Or maybe a tea, hot chocolate, apple cider (did you even know they have that??)

So, what does this have to do with social media, you are wondering? Here's a simple analogy shared at our Rocky Mountain Rainers meeting yesterday by Becky Harris. Becky heard attended a class with Liz Landry who recently visited Colorado and gave a fabulous class on social media that made it easier than ordering a cup of coffee!

LinkedIn: A board meeting

Facebook: Your backyard barbeque conversations

Twitter: After hours cocktail talk

And just to add a few of my own:

YouTube: Evening entertainment, no guests needed

Blogging: An opportunity to find pen pals all across the country

ActiveRain: Doing what you love and making money while you're at it!

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