Not About You . . . really?

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At first glance it appears so very counterintuitive. You know -- it's not about me? Then why on earth am I doing this? I get asked that all the time . . . and my response is almost always the same: because that's how it all works. Networking, marketing, sales, and most all other facets of business are best served when we -- serve others unconditionally. Wierd right? I am going to spend my day helping others without asking for anything in return . . . yes if you want to be highly successful!

People are drawn to and respect those who give of themselves and give their experience and expertise. Yet if there is a glint of selfishness behind them, studies quickly demonstratea feeling of mistrust or misunderstanding. However, when someone acts in a truly caring and giving manner unconditionally it is very hard not to remember that person -- and that begins a cycle of trust, and people do business with those they trust.

I once had a client when I was in the health insurance industry who could not find a carrier who would offer her insurance because she had breast cancer just a few years earlier. I met with her and told her I would work on her matter every day, even if it was just 20 minutes or so, and I assured her I would get her coverage -- quality coverage. It took me 8 months. I did what I said I would do. She didn't think I would work on her matter every day and what's more, she felt there was no way I was going to get her coverage since she had gone through half a dozen other agents. After 8 months she signed on with one of the top insurers in the country under a little known option in a special plan. I helped this woman (although there was a clear intent on my part, my perseverance and honesty outweighed those factors) get insurance when no one else could and she in turn helped me become one of the top agents in the area. Her stream of referrals was nothing short of miraculous.

Most every successful business person I have ever known has a similar story. The importance of doing something for the sole benefit of another human being has always brought great rewards. So remember the power of unconditional giving while we fight through every days hassles and difficulties because if you can keep this one concept at the forefront of your mind . . . you will succeed, I promise!

Comments (2)

Sam Trevino
austINside - Austin, TX

Hello Larry,

Your perspective is straight on, take care of the client first, which means the professiona is not first. In fact as professionals we are retained to put their interests above ours, which means it's not about the professional.

Apr 15, 2011 03:28 PM
Larry Kanter
2inovate - Phoenix, AZ

You are spot on Sam!

Apr 15, 2011 10:55 PM