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This is more geared toward loan officers being that's what I am but I would like this to open up discussion for real estate agents as well as I think there could be a lot of good information shared on this subject.

So the question.  If you had $1,000 to spend on bringing in leads what would you spend it on? 

I've spent money on For Sale By Owner programs and internet leads and a few other things that cost a substantial amount of money but have not given much for returns.  Being an honest and up front type and not the shisty, slick talking used car salesmen type the cold calling and phone sales haven't proven very profitable for me.  I've been trying to keep in front of a couple different real estate agents.  One of which is an entire office that my parent's know the broker very well and I know him somewhat and actually went to school with his son.  I try to stop in as much as I can but due to the distance from where I am isn't as often as I'd like but I try to stay in their e-mail at least once a week.  And I've been trying to keep in front of a friend of mine who I used to purchase my condo earlier this year.  I have yet to get a single loan from any of them. 

I've been purchasing Loan Web internet leads since about Feb. and am this month closing my 3rd loan from them so they are really not panning out either.  They are supposed to be sending me 20 leads a month in which I've been getting more like 5-10 a month and sending over half of those back because of bad numbers, prank leads, or people who were "just messing round online to see what rates are." 

I have a loan that I am working on that will give me some extra cash to use for marketing (if I can close it now that it went sideways due to the appraisal) and I'm trying to get ideas from other who have had success from marketing they've done.  So far I had planned to join the local Chamber of Commerce to try to do some networking but other than that I'm open for suggestions.  So what have y'all had luck with?


Thanks!  Geoff


Larry Wright
nwRealty.Com - Tacoma, WA

OK ... so for $1000, you could promote 2 or 3 of your favorite REALTORS for an entire year and receive copies of 8 - 12 Buyer leads per month ... plus get traffic to your web site, your contact info emailed to all prospects, and visual branding of your business. 

Geoff ... I avoid shameless self promotion on AR but you're in my market area and offering an opportunity to hone my pitch.  We're testing a new marketing service for NWMLS agents that 1) generates Buyer/Seller leads, 2) drives traffic to agent sites, 3) promotes listings, and 4) augments agent branding/name recognition.  Plus, we've made this "sponsorable" so that mortgage pros and other affiliates can use this in their relationship marketing efforts.  For you ... 1) the sponsor receives copies of all generated leads 2) web traffic is also driven to the sponsor's web site, and 3) the sponsor's logo and contact information are included on the listing pages and all email notices.

The biggest value to a sponsoring loan professional is the consistent reinforcement that you are significantly suporting the agents' businesses.  If these agents don't refer loans to you, just sponsor a different agent that will reciprocate and support your business.

You can find working examples by tracing my comment link to our web site ... browse to Sammamish to view examples of a sponsored agent.


Oct 03, 2007 09:43 AM