Content that draws them in

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The reason content is king is: what else is there? Think about it for a moment. Content is everything in terms of your site being found by Google and the other search engines. Content is the quiddity - the essence of your site. That's why all our writers hold bachelors degrees or higher. However, the thing that sets us apart from other firms is our writers understand SEO best practices. We write content that lends itself to getting found and increasing page rank. Content is not a one shot deal by any means. It is an ongoing campaign, and that's the reason so many websites are never found on Google's first page. Content is part art, part science. And for us . . . it is our quiddity.

Your content must be relevant, interesting, possess good tone, and most of all . . . it's gotta draw 'em in. People take only seconds to determine if they are going to stay on your page and read something. Seconds. Everything must gel. And if it doesn't gel or becomes stale you must edit and update the content continually to find what works best. Old, stale content is a terrible mistake and will make it harder for users to find you. We spend a great deal of time planning prior to any writing. You can see that content as it pertains to websites is much more than just writing an article or advertisement. We specialize in providing you meaningful content, relevant content, and we monitor the results of our content thereby making certain you are always moving forward, not standing still where no one can find you.


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