Time to get your home ready to sell in Hall County, Georgia! Ideas to help you get the most money for your home!

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Time to get your home ready to sell in Hall County, Georgia! Ideas to help you get the most money for your home!

1.Kitchen: Stove, refrigerator, sink, floors and cabinets should be spotless. Updating to Stainless steel can help sell your home quicker. Pack extra pots and pans. Stage the kitchen by adding new "pretty" kitchen towels and flowers. Consider a fresh coat of paint. Add table linen and new chair cushions to kitchen table. 
2.Cabinets, Counters and Work space: All areas should be clear of clutter. If you don't need it-pack it or throw it away! Counter space that you can see is very important!  Dated kitchen cabinets can be stained or painted. Add new up to dated hardware.
3.Bathrooms: Clean and Orderly. Remove and put away all personal items in small boxes in the closet when not in use. Must be neat, spotless and fresh. Add new plush towels, flowers, decorative soaps and candles. Change out dated lighting with new light fixtures. Clean yucky shower door. Repair broken putty around tub and sink. Get rid of mold by mixing a spray bottle with one part water and one part bleach. Spray it on the mold and it will disappear. Clean coat of paint adds a lot of appeal! 
4.Closets: Untidy or overcrowded closets suggest inadequate storage space. Line up shoes. Fold clothes. Hang up clothes. Change the light bulb to a higher watt.
5.Lawns, fences, and yard: Remove clutter, cut grass, edge walks, trim hedges, weed gardens. Plant seasonal flowers and put down mulch. Paint fences. Remove firewood away from the house and fence. Place a bench or birdbath in yard with flowers.
6.Front of house: Paint, fix or wash eaves, steps, porches, screens and/or front door. Place a new doormat and flower pots on the porch. Clean or replace the brass kick plate on the door. The porch and entry should always be clean and swept.
7.Exterior: Curb appeal is very important. The outside of the home is the first impression that a buyer has of house. Stand across the street and look at the home from the eyes of a buyer. How is the paint? Is it neutral? Can you see the home through the bushes or trees? How is the drive and landscaping? Stage the front porch and front door. How are the shutters? Replace rusted or broken mailbox. Remove all the cobwebs. Clean side or back door, gutters, wash windows. Stage deck or back porch with table with linens, plates and lights.
8.Plumbing: Repair dripping faucets and leaky toilets.
9.Heating/cooling: Clean exterior of unit, change filters; contact your gas company for inspection.
10.Lights: Replace all burned out bulbs, faulty switches; clean chandelier bulbs. Leave lights on in each room so that the home shows well.
11.Halls and stairs: Remove any clutter to give a wider appearance. Replace broken stairs or wood rails. Fix creaky floors. 
12.Hardware: Oil hinges; tighten door knobs and faucets.
13.Flooring: Clean or replace carpets where necessary; keep all other flooring vacuumed and clean at all times. Replace any floor coverings which are damage or dated. Hardwood floors are a plus. Buyers want homes that are ready to move into quickly.
14.Interior: Paint or wallpaper interior rooms where necessary. Leave soft music playing. Pack all personal pictures so that the prospective buyer will see themselves living in the home. Pack (or have a yard sale) all collections, valuables, and knickknacks so that the buyer will look at the home not the collections. Store all excess furniture. De-clutter!  Less is best. Consider replacing artwork. Set the dining room table with a pretty flower arrangement, linen, and china. Remove the cobwebs. Consider neutral paint. 
15.Driveway and Garage: Clean oil stains from concrete drives; patch and seal asphalt drives. Clean the garage. Do not leave out the cars, motor homes, boats, garbage cans or children's toys. Fix any sagging garage doors.
16.Children's room: Pack posters, toys, scary pets (snakes, etc.),and clutter. Keep the room clean.
17.Drapes: Open them in the daytime; close them at night. 
18.Fireplace: Clean all soot with stiff nylon scrub brush, rubber gloves, Tri-Sodium Phosphate or soap and water and a plastic bucket. Wait 24 hours after your last fire and remove any ashes, Place the ashes in a lidded metal container.   Dust the fireplace mantle and screen. If the screen is rusted either replace or spray paint with a heat-resistant spray paint. Use window cleaner to remove any buildup from the glass doors. 
19.Master Bedroom: Should be appeal to both male and female. The walls should be a neutral color. Add a bed tray with a coffee cup and saucer and a vase with a flower. Add new pillows with different fabric textures.
20.Odors: Strong cooking, smoking, or pet odors can ruin a sale. Use potpourri packages throughout the home. If you are a smoker, we strongly suggest cleaning all carpets and drapes, then smoke outside of the home until home is sold. Get rid of animal odors. 
21.Disassociate yourself from the home: Say "goodbye" to the home. picture yourself in your new home.
22/For all showings, please be out of the house. This will help prospective buyers feel more comfortable while looking at your home.

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Nicole Kraus
Signature Realty Associates - Dover, FL
Awesome List....I love saving these!!  Thanks!
Oct 03, 2007 10:21 AM
Teresa Johnson
Solid Source Realty - Gainesville, GA
Hall County Real Estate - The Teresa Johnson and Associates

Thank you for your comment. Can you think of anything I missed?


Oct 03, 2007 10:34 AM