Hall County, Georgia Listings that have "Expired"on our Multiple Listing Service!

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Hall County, Georgia Listings that have "Expired" on our Multiple Listing Service!

In our market there are many homes that have been listed by local agents for a certain time period and have not "Sold". The expired home owners are discouraged when their homes "expires". They wanted their homes to sell so that they could go on with their plans. Was there something wrong with their homes? Did the agent not advertise the listing correctly? What happened!

Many times there is nothing wrong with the house. What I find is there are a few factors that MUST be correct before the listing is signed. The agent must take time to get the price correct. The agent must be trained in staging a home and preparing it for sale. The home must be listed for the correct amount of time. The home must be expose in the right "Internet" sites. What are these factors? Does the agent have the knowledge to "correctly" place the listing in the MLS for the home to sell? Listing a Home to Sell is an art. Not every REALTOR who carries a license has that gift. Not only is it a gift but the know how comes from years of knowledge.

Does every home we list sell before the expiration period? No. We must evaluate, evaluate, evaluate the home during the listing period and take into account new listings, showing feedback and the local market. We can miss selling a home because we have the home overpriced by $2000 or there my be too many weeds in the yard. Sometimes it is hard to share that information with a seller. We must to sell the home.

Our team has been very successful in selling "Expired Listings". If you find yourself in this position give us a try. We care and sell 10 to 30 homes a month!

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