How to Have a Stress-Free Home Sale:Do's and Don'ts

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I know doubt enters your mind as soon as you read the title. Ok, so maybe selling a home can't be stress-free, but you can certainly have a lower-stress sale.

One of the biggest challenges I see in seller is their emotional attachment to the home. They think their home is the best on the whole block,neighborhood, etc, and what they don't seem to realize is that it's a business transaction and they must remove their subjectivity. The buyer doesn't care about the seller's opinion of value, and in this market, they want the best deal and the lowest price. Period.

Often sellers scour the internet and bring the latest updates to their real estate agent's attention, but this is an exercise in futility, as is calling your Realtor daily for updates on showing activity. Many sellers obsess that their deal may fall through, since mortgage financing is so tight in the marketplace and buyers are very conscientious about money that has to be invested into the home for repairs.


Listen to opinions of family, friends, coworkers regarding the pricing of your home. Often they are uninformed about specific information in your neighborhood, and although they may mean well, often it is advice worth ignoring.


Set up a time to worry. Maybe for 15 minutes, from 8:30pm - 8:45pm you schedule it in your calendar and worry during that time. Sounds silly, doesn't it? Yet sellers let fear consume them throughout the course of the day, into the evening, and even through their sleep. Realize that worry won't help anything. Instead, list the action steps of what you will do if a certain situation occurs. For example, if I can't sell the home, here is plan B.


Talk about the home sale late at night but instead take a "timeout". Look at is as a business transaction, not a personal matter. Avoid letting your emotions rule when it comes to big decisions. Give yourself time to detach from the situation, do yoga, meditate, or simply relax and calm your mind.

Nothing great was ever accomplished by an anxious worrier, so don't be one!

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