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We Buy Houses OH: To sell a house these days one must be creative. If you will be selling yourself or enlisting help, you’ll want to know certain things so that the asking price is accurate. It can’t be too high or it won’t be attractive. It can’t be too low or it won’t be attractive, either.

Price Guidelines and PossibilitiesProperty priced too high is never going to sell in this market. Or is it? There are different categories for houses and you should have an idea of what type yours is. While you already know the square footage and other features that help to determine the asking price of the house, there are other criteria you should be aware of.

Houses are categorized by their degree of excellence in comparison to others of similar square footage and value. Some are excellent, some are average, and some are poor in quality. Higher quality houses that have similar value to yours might sometimes sell for a little more than their asking price if more than one buyer is interested in it. One reason a house could be given a higher quality rating would be where it was in a top performing school district.

An average house in any category would generally bring only the asking price and no more. If there was something special about the neighborhood or the house itself, it could go for a little more than asking price. If the job outlook in the area is particularly strong and the unemployment numbers low, an average house could bring a little more than it would in another area. A low quality house usually goes for just what is asked for it. The asking price is usually the price it goes for.

So if you price your house below market value will it sell? Maybe not. It depends. If it’s priced considerably lower than average, the buyer may get the idea there’s something wrong with it that isn’t listed or isn’t obvious. On the same token, don’t start out with a higher price, and then drop it and drop it again as it doesn’t sell. The perception there is that buyers looked at it and discovered something that causes them to back out and lose interest. In turn you would then lower the price. Whether that’s true or not, what the buyer perceives is the situation, that’s his reality and you’ll have to work with it.

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