What is there to do at the Gainesville, Georgia Parks?

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Are you interested in having Fun and a way to be Healty in Hall County, Georgia? Gainesville, Georgia Parks offers more opportunity for Fun than you can imagine!


What is there to do at the Gainesville, Georgia Parks?

  1. Mother Son Dinner Under the Stars. Tueday, October 17
  2. The Great Candy Cane Hunt, December 1, 2007
  3. Travel Camps
  4. Art Gallery Tours for Children
  5. Art Club for Children
  6. Outdoor Preschool Programs
  7. Kid Chefs
  8. Good Manners Classes
  9. Pee Wee Sports
  10. Tennis Classes and Tournaments
  11. Adult Softball Leagues
  12. Yoga and Exercise Classes
  13. Dancing
  14. Senior Programs
  15. Art for Adults
  16. Piano Classes
  17. Quilting Bee Club
  18. Digital Photography
  19. Senior Trips
  20. Women's Health
  21. Gainesville City School Athletics
  22. Allen Creek Soccer Complex
  23. Lake Lanier Rowing Club
  24. Sprint Racing Program
  25. Recreational Paddling
  26. Dragon Boats
  27. Kayaks and Canoes Rentals
  28. Boathouse and Venue Rentals
  29. Fair Street Neighborhood Center
  30. City Park Stadium Field House
  31. Longwood Cove Ecosystem Restoration Project
  32. Martha Hope Cabin
  33. Frances Meadows Center

The Gainesville Parks are:

  1. Allen Creek Soccer Complex located at 2500 Allen Creek Road, 678-45-6502
  2. Butler Community Center located at 1350 Athens Street.
  3. City Park Complex located at 830 Green Street.
  4. Clarks Bridge Park located at 3105 Clarks Bridge Road.
  5. Desota Park located at 1142 Desota Street.
  6. Engine 209 Park located at 312 Jesse Jewell Parkway.
  7. Fair Street Neighborhood Center located at 1018 Hunter Street.
  8. Frances Meadows Center located 1501 jesse Jewell Pkwy.
  9. Holly Park located at 2603 Old Thompson Bridge Road.
  10. Ivey Terrace Park located at 607 Ridgewood Terrace.
  11. Kenwood Park located at 725 Kenwood Drive.
  12. Lanier Point Park located at 1530 Lee Waldrip Road.
  13. Linwood Nature Preserve located at 160 Springview Drive.
  14. Longwood Park located at 20 Pearl Nix Parkway.
  15. Myrtle Street Park located at 854 Myrtle Street.
  16. Poultry Park located at 444 Jesse Jewell Parkway.
  17. Riverside Park located at 1267 Riverside Drive.
  18. Rock Creek Park located at 223 Northside Drive.
  19. Roper Park located at 171 Virginia Circle.
  20. South Side Park located at One Positive Place Drive.
  21. Wessell Park located at 493 Holly Drive.
  22. Wilshire Trails Park located at 849 Wilshire Road.

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