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Here's a question I have been wondering about lately.  In the real estate office, what do you feel is the importance or unimportance of music playing in the office? 

Somedays it seems like it is the only thing that can break any sort of tension within the office is the music playing, but other days it can be so irritating, that all you want to do is shut it off!  I think it also has to deal with whomever has turned the music on and their personal tastes in music.  I like all types of music, but on a dreary day such as today, I do not feel like listening to slow depressing music or slow country songs!

However, some days, the music in the office is a great help to reduce stress levels in the office and to just sit there and listen to a song you thoroughly really amps up your mood!

What kind of music do you like to have playing in your office?

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Michael McGavisk

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