Tucson Real Estate Transactions Up, Price Down

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Tucson real estate March sales picked up smartly from February and increase nearly 20% in sales volume although the average sales price decreased more than 10% from the February price of $182,388.  The average list price of properties in Tucson is $173,590, and the average sales price is $163,590. The last time the average sales price hovered near $163,590 was September 2002 ($163,591).

Nearly 33% more homes were sold in March than in February, jumping from 879 to 1,169.

Out of 1,169 properties sold, 37.4% were purchased with cash (437) and another 29% (329) purchased with a conventional loan.  This may indicate investors are swarming Tucson looking for the best buys.

A total of 56.9% of the homes sold (665) were priced at $139,999 or lower, and the median price of all homes sold was $125,000.  (The median price in October 2001 was $125,000). These homes are located in the northwest  (280 units), the central area (122) and the southeast (129).  The average sales price to list price was 94.46% of the last listing price.

Tucson has a high end market with a total of 210 properties $1,000,000 or more for sale, 180 properties between $750,000 and $999,999, and 482 homes in the $500,000 to $749,999 price bracket.  Many of these properties sold for considerably more during the mid 2000’s.

At the end of March, 2,152 homes were under contract and this number should be reflective in higher numbers for April closings.

Looking at the zip codes, the story of foreclosures and short sales rings through the numbers since the greater percentage of homes  sold during March are in areas such as Sahuarita, Green Valley, Midvale, Rita Ranch, Starr Valley and Rancho Del Lago.

These are areas which experienced rapid growth during the first decade of the 21st century and where builders offered come on pricing of zero down with a fixed and adjustable rate mortgage.   These second mortgages are coming due and the real estate market is seeing these homes selling for far less than what is owed.


For a detailed report:  http://www.tucsonrealtors.org/tar-v2/statsMar2011.pdf

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