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In my part of the country, Charleston, South Carolina,  we are in the midst of the spring selling season.  Sales are up from last spring but that's another blog.  As a Realtor that's been listing and selling homes for almost 20 years I have some suggestions to people thinking of listing, putting their home on the market or real estate agents counseling would be sellers.

While the agent is opening the lockbox what will the buyer be doing?  Looking around at the front door.  Make sure the cobwebs are down, the door is clean and the light bulbs in the fixtures work.  If you can set out some pots with some seasonal color do.

Clean trumps everything else.  If the house is clean no matter how worn the sofa or what type of decorating you can overcome it.  Still have a vinyl kitchen floor?  Sure the buyer may want to change that but make sure that vinyl is glow in the dark cleaned it on my hands and knees clean.  Bathrooms?  They have to be sparkling clean and if there are towels out they should be clean and folded.  Don't forget to add a clean shower curtain.

Clear the clutter.  Buyers will overlook boxes but counters covered with "things" can be a distraction.  I don't tell my sellers to put away all their personal belongings but I do suggest they limit the number.  Closets look larger if as much as possible the floors are clear.  Hangers should all be the same and point in the same direction.  Okay laugh if you like but trust me it makes a big visual difference.

Yard...should be cut and flower beds trimmed.   If you can afford new plants and shrubs great but if not make sure everything is cut back and shaped as much as possible. 

The smell of the house matters too.  If it's a gorgeous day open a window.  Bake some already cut cookies or stick an all ready to bake bread in the oven.  Nothings says home better than freshly baked aromas.

Happy spring and happy selling.

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