Open House Basics Buffalo New York

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Turning Key Realty

An open house can be beneficial for both the buyer and the seller. For the buyer, it is an opportunity to view the home casually to determine if it meets their needs and criteria. For sellers, it is an opportunity to reach a larger number of potential buyers in a shorter period of time. Turning Key Realty offers the following tips which can help you and your real estate agent ensure that the open house is successful.

Take time before the open house to make sure the exterior of the home is appealing. Curb appeal, as it is known, sets the stage for the visit. Mow the grass, trim the bushes and sweep the front porch. You should also consider planting colorful flowers or placing potted plants near the homes entrance.

Inside, the first impression is the last impression, so keeping the house very neat and clean for the open house is extremely important.  It may be a difficult task if you are residing in the house, but taking time to run the vacuum and the dishwasher makes a huge difference.

How does your home smell? Is the garlic from last night’s Italian dinner still lingering? Will the bleach you used to clean the bathroom overwhelm the buyer when they enter the room? The fact is, studies have shown that the senses, including smell, can heavily influence one’s opinion. Use scented candles or a small simmering pot of potpourri with cinnamon to create the effect of “home.” Baking cookies is another option. They smell and taste good!

Continue to set the stage. Hopefully, you took the time to stage your home prior to listing. Whether or not you did, be sure to evaluate how your furniture and furnishings are displayed. You want to appeal to the broadest range of buyers as possible. Ask your real estate agent for advice.

While conducting the open house your Turning Key Realty agent will give buyers the opportunity to view the home without hovering over them. When they first come in, your agent will ask them to sign the open house sheet and give them a flyer with the property details and information. We will let them know we are available if they have questions and invite them to go through the home. Before they leave, we ask if they have any questions and thank them for stopping by. Our impeccable follow up afterwards is critical and will help solicit feedback and offers.

Open houses are one of many tools that you and your real estate agent can use as part of a comprehensive marketing plan. Take the time to prepare for these so that you can maximize the opportunity to showcase your home.

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