Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and the Home.

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When I was growing up our toothpaste came in lead tubes, lead paint chips abounded and we blew asbestos out of the car’s brake linings while smoking non filtered cigarettes.  Mom would make us scrub mold off the basement walls without gloves and Radon might have been a car part but I never heard of it.  How did we survive?

Baby boomers were not as educated as the generations that followed and if you ask most of us today we hardly care.  Does this mean it’s not important?  Of course not!  Much time and research has gone into investigating the ill effects of these things.  Will everyone have issues with mold or Radon?  No.  Obviously some people are more sensitive to mold and with thousands of different types of good and bad mold there is no definitive way to know how you will react unless you are tested. So… what should you do?

Get your home and your body tested.  I’m not particularly affected by mold or allergies while my wife is very sensitive.  We have spent more than $10 having her tested and to this day still don’t know exactly what she is allergic to.   Should I care?  Of course…. She might read this…

There are many professional testing companies and plenty of home testing kits available.  We can generally avoid Lead except when China tries to sneak some in on their products but mold and Radon… start with eliminating moisture!

High moisture elevates Radon levels.  High moisture is the primary contributor to mold.  Eliminate moisture and these conditions can be improved.  Simple grading around the building is generally what a Home Inspector will recommend.  Have your downspouts cleaned, connected properly, and discharging at least 6 feet away from the home and make sure the water is draining away!  In addition to reducing moisture, this helps eliminate breeding grounds for wood destroying insects. So what about Generation X and Y?

They want to know.  In this age of information they are very concerned about having the most and correct information and then being able to make an educated decision about a direction to take.  I applaud the younger generations for this.  They are willing to take the time and incur the expense so they can do the right thing, and why not, it’s their health.  Information abounds.  Isn’t America great?

Now… give me a Camel and pass that air compressor… I want to blow the dust off your brakes.


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