OMGosh - Spring and Freshness

Home Stager with Pacific Coastal Home Staging

Today in California it is amazingly Spring in all areas. I am working on a great project, it is so refreshing, but I am not finished so I can't share all the pictures.

But with the day and the way the economy is going, it is good to hear that so many realtors are getting more used to Home Stagers.  Many seem to have been so hesitant to get involved, but the pictures on the net, show the quality of staging, and how some of it does great and some of it is not so great.

Now that it is a complete buyers market, the truth is you have about 30 seconds or less to impress a buyer, and as it all starts on the internet, if your rooms don't "WOW" immediately, you can be sure that the buyers won't be bothering to even look at the property.  It will always be the listings with the best pictures, and the best prices first.  

Remember, staging is a win win situation.  It helps the seller to sell more quickly, it makes more money for everyone involved, and it gets more buyers interest in a shorter time.

Start your spring fresh, stage your home.  Whether you are selling, or just redoing for living, Spring is the time to get going.

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