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Living in Somerset County for many years has been a wonderful experience. With the nicer weather upon us, I'm sure that most folks are eager to take a drive and enjoy  viewing the beautiful country side. Somerset County offers a wonderful landscape of hiking areas and other recreational activities. There also is a more than ample deer population that has been here living here for many years.

deer grazing

If you are new to the area and scouting around the countryside for a new home or just out driving to one of the many shopping areas here in Somerset County, please be aware of the huge deer popuation we have . During the day deer are fairly easily to spot. If you see a deer that is crossing the road ahead of you, be aware that more animals may follow, as they tend to move one behind the other. I would caution you to gently slow down and double check that there are no more deer around.

Deer whistle

As I presently own a home in the Martinsville area of Somerset County, I do travel back and forth quit often and practice safe driving habits as often as possible. There is a device called "deer whistlers" that can be attached to your car that emit a whistle sound that deer can hear quite distinctly. I have noticed while passing deer along side a road that their ears go up and they are alerted that something new to their environment is arriving. Though not a 100% cure, my personal opinion is that these deer whistle devices do work and do help. And I think they would be most beneficial when traveling at night where one's visibility is limited. These devices can be easily attached to the grill area of an automobile using the self stick tape that is provided in the kit. Incidentlly these whistles are quite cheap and easily available either in a sporting goods store or over the internet.

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Gerry Michaels
Glasswork Media Arts - Gettysburg, PA
GettysburgGerry Social Meida

Stephen, I always put these on my motorcycles, I never know if they worked, but I can say I never hit or swerved from a deer...

Apr 20, 2011 07:05 AM
Stephen Robert Sliwka
Goden Key Realty - Franklin Township, NJ
Realtor, Somerset County New Jersey

Hi Gerry! I recently met you at Rain Camp, Atlantic City and meant to make contact with you. I have visited your site and wanted to gain some insite regarding the art of blogging. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Yes, I think that these deer whistlers do help. The deer are startled by the shrill sound and they freeze in place with their ears standing up and wonder what this noise is before going further. I know that a battery powered unit is also available but do not know if they are any better.

In my area where there are tons of deer around I always try to play it safe. I remember coming home from dinner on many a night where I had to slow down to 10 mph in a 40 mph zone just to let the deer run past.

Apr 20, 2011 01:41 PM

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