Moffett Field and Silicon Valley

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   Billionaires and their airplanes have been a contentious issue in Silicon Valley for years, and, recently, it was disclosed that Google billionaires Sergiy Brin and Larry Page struck a two-year, $2.6 million deal to use Moffett Field for flying and landing their 767 jet.  Residents on this flight path in both Mountain View and Sunnyvale have expressed concerns about the approval process (specifically the fact that neither they, nor their city councils, were consulted).

Back when FedEx was Federal Express, the company wanted to run flights in and out of Moffett Field instead of San Jose because that airport had curfew hours preventing early morning flights.  Locals weren't amused and an alliance was formed with members in Los Altos, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View.  

Even after the plan was shelved, there were still lingering concerns.  But today, aside from the occasional C-130, fighter plane, Air Force One landing, or hovering Harrier jet --- that was a sight to behold --- there isn't a lot of traffic going in and out of the former airbase.

Still, Silicon Valley owes a lot of its inspiration to Moffett Field, with its iconic airship hangars.  And CNET reminds us of some of its history, starting with its construction beginning in 1930.  With the nearby high-rise offices in Moffett Towers nearing completion, the area around this historic site may get its own revitalization.



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